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About us

Welcome to servFaces


Today’s society is wasteful and shows little responsibility in regard to the handling of resources such as water, clean air, etc. With its innovative surface optimisation, servFaces strives to provide a considerable contribution to the minimisation of the wastage of resources in today’s fast-moving times. By using servFaces, all surfaces can be cleaned more easily, the paintwork stops aging and the decay of the paintwork is prevented. Positive side effect: Reduction of the use of chemicals and water, which is a contribution to our environment. All servFaces products are free of silicone, Teflon, siloxane and wax.

How is this possible?

We provide a long-lasting deep gloss, permanent & sustainable paintwork conservation and a 100% sealed surface with perfect corrosion protection, which simultaneously is resistant against high temperatures – in part up to +1800 °C. As a result, we achieve a high degree of durability of your surface protection due to the chemical bond with the paint. Benefit from the tested quality – documented with an official expert report. Due to the high performance coating, a dirt and oil-repelling protective layer as well as an easy-to-clean effect is achieved. These properties do not only lead to an extension of the cleaning intervals, but also facilitate a simplification of the cleaning process.


servFaces is a pioneer of surface finishing. As a result of our innovative products and daily intensive work, we have established our quality standard at a level that is as high as possible. Environmental protection and sustainability in the handling of all valuable resources are self-evident to us.

servFaces durability

servFaces offers extreme durability due to the chemical bond of our material with the surfaces: Daily use vehicles up to 5 years / modern classics and antique cars 8 - 10 years / exhibition vehicles up to 15 years (All specifications depend on the mechanical stress the coatings are subjected to.)

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