For all painted exterior surfaces of the automobile. Product life of 30-36 months / consumption approx. 17-20 ml / vehicle

Coat Ultima - HSH-Technology - for commercial customers only

  • servFaces GmbH
  • SF10085

Delivery time approx. 5 working days

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Coat Ultima  by HSH-Technology The "Coat Ultima - HSH Technology" product is one of... more
Product information "Coat Ultima - HSH-Technology - for commercial customers only"

Coat Ultima by HSH-Technology

The "Coat Ultima - HSH Technology" product is one of the hardest hybrid-silicon / polymer-hard coatings by servFaces,  designed to provide permanent and optimum protection to painted surfaces.

The molecular matrix structure forms a very thin non-stick layer which features extreme dirt-repellent properties, resilience and hardness. The protective film greatly enhances the gloss and colour of the painted surface.

The high-performance particles of Coat Ultima - HSH Technology form a chemical bond with the surface and cover the paint pores. They form a high-gloss protective film after curing. This very simple type of surface optimization protects the coating from damage such as oxidation, from salt, acids and insects.

Thanks to the coating, the transparent film gets harder and shows enhanced scratchproof properties thanks to the high-performance particles on the surface (approx. 60-65% more than in conventional coatings. In particularly, these new environmentally-friendly, water-soluble coatings are very smooth in their composition. Even if washed just by hand, your car will show signs of wear and tear (micro-scratches) after some time. Using Coat Ultima - HSH Technology minimises or even prevents this.

Coat Ultima - HSH Technology prevents the transparent coat from being affected by caustic and acidic products in a pH range of 2-13. Painted surfaces permanently retain their original appearance. The product is yellowing-proof and abrasion resistant.

The gloss guarantee is 5-10 years if applied professionally!

Areas of application:

  • Modern paint systems with clear coats
  • Gloss & matte coatings
  • Car paint & splinter protection films resistant to solvents
  • Untreated plastic surfaces (recommendation: Plastic Coat)


  • Long-term durable protection
  • Very high hydrophobic properties
  • Resistant to washing bays & stable gloss
  • Resistant to cleaning agents & environmental influences (pH 2-13)
  • UV & environmental resistant
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Unique gloss & colour depth
  • Resistant to temperatures from -50°C to +890°C
  • Simple processing


  1. Clean and neutralise the surface with Surface Cleaner Ultima and afterwards Surface Cleaner Neutra.
  2. Put an application cloth over the applicator
  3. Put 12-18 drops of Coat Ultima - HSH Technology onto the application cloth and quickly spread on the surface (a visible film should be formed) - Treat each component and max. half of the bonnet.
  4. Let the product dry for approx. 1-3 minutes! (depending on the applied quantity, air humidity and ambient temperature). The longer the product can react on the coating, the greater the layer formation, protective effects and hydrophobic effects are.
  5. Remove surplus material with the first Special Coating Towel (first the edge areas, then work from the inside out with straight and quick motions)
  6. Take another fresh Special Coating Towel and polish the surface (first the edge areas, then continue from the inside out in circular motions, without exerting a lot of pressure)
  7. Should any streaks still be visible, take another fresh Special Coating Towel and repeat the procedure until streaks are no longer visible. (Check the surface with a light source)
  8. Recoating with Coat Ultima- HSH Technology: possible after 20 minutes. Wait no longer than 35 minutes!

Caution: Do not apply the product in direct sunlight!



The lifetime of a layer of Coat Ultima - HSH Technology is approx. 30-36 months. To achieve a longer protection time, you can apply more layers (see the Use section). Each additional layer will prolong the lifetime by another 9-12 months.



Usage: 3 - 5 ml / m² 

Application Temperature: +15°C to +35°C
Weatherproof: after 18 - 24 hours
Curing Time: 9 - 10 days
Storage and Shelf Life: at least 12 months at ambient temperature in tightly sealed original container when stored standing
Storage Temperature: +10°C to +25°C

Caution: Protect the product from direct sunlight and frost!


Surface Cleaner Ultima, Surface Cleaner Neutra, Special Coating Towels

To observe after application:

The coating fully cures after 9 - 10 days and offers comprehensive protection. Until then, it is still sensitive to greater stress, hence, bird droppings and/or insect remains should be gently removed as quickly as possible to avoid paint damage! In the first 14 days, the surface should not be exposed to any mechanical stress or excessive rubbing (e.g., in an automatic car wash or during manual washing using a brush).


Proper care can considerably prolong the duration of the coating protection! Make sure you only use care products which feature the same water-repellent properties as the coating. We do not recommend using additional hot wax sealings (e.g. in a car wash), because the wax forms another film on the surface and weakens the hydrophobic properties of the coating.

We recommend the following products:

  • Wash Concentrate (Auto shampoo)
  • Wash Mitt / Premium Wash Sponge (car wash accessory)
  • Premium Drying Towels (drying towels)
  • Fast Shine 3 in ONE (detailing spray)
  • Hydro Seal (after-care spray)
  • Hybrid Wax Creme (after-care creme)


Application: Sealing
Field: Cars, Motorbikes, Caravans, Buses and Vans
Product Type: Surface Coatings
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Product information "Coat Ultima - HSH-Technology - for commercial customers only"


Hazard statements

H225 Highly flammable liquid and vapour.
H302 Harmful if swallowed.
H314 Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.
H317 May cause an allergic skin reaction.
H412 Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.


Precautionary statements

P210 Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking.
P280 Wear protective gloves/ protective clothing/eye protection/face protection
IF ON SKIN (or hair): Take off immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin with water/shower.
IF INHALED: Remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing. Immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor/ physician.
IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.
In case of fire: Use dry sand, dry chemical or alcohol-resistant foam to extinguish.
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Customer evaluation for "Coat Ultima - HSH-Technology - for commercial customers only"
10 Jul 2020

Top Produkt

13 Jan 2019

Verarbeitung Top, Beschichtung Top

Wir nutzen das Ultima bei uns in der Aufbereitung, wenn es darum geht, die höchsten Ansprüche zu erfüllen. Saubere und korrekte Arbeitsweise vorausgesetzt, kann die Verarbeitung als „einfach“ beschrieben werden. (Wenn man mit Coatings umgehen kann). Im Markt der „9H“ Coatings ist das Ultima im Vergleich recht komfortabel abzutragen. In einem Zeitfenster von 30-50 Minuten, je nach Luftfeuchtigkeit, schichten wir die 2. Schicht. Auch die 2. Schicht ist leicht abzutragen. Bei einem Mittelklasse Wagen verbrauchen wir 6-8 40x40cm Tücher zum Abtragen - dies ist entscheidend für einen absolut klaren Abtrag. Verbrauch, Beispiel, bei einem Golf VII für 2 Schichten: ca. 20ml.

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