For all painted rims as well as the disc brake callipers of the automobile. Product life approx. 30-36 months / consumption approx. 20-30 ml / vehicle

Ceramic Coat Rims - matt -

  • servFaces GmbH
  • SF10181
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Ceramic Coat Rims -matt- Surface coating for various types of rims   The transparent... more
Product information "Ceramic Coat Rims - matt -"

Ceramic Coat Rims -matt-

Surface coating for various types of rims


The transparent and high-strength surface coating of the servFaces line is a diverse and unique quality product for rim coating on all vehicles. It offers optimum protection on painted and unpainted surfaces of rims with a semi-gloss finish.

The highly-transparent coating forms a long-lasting protective film resistant to dirt and easy to clean with minimum consumption. Ceramic Coat Rims -matt- is resistant to temperatures up to +1,050°C as well. The product cannot be removed using conventional cleaning agents. Ceramic Coat Rims -matt- protects even from damage caused by leaking brake fluid thanks to the special integrated resin. 

Ceramic Coat Rims -matt- is very flexible up to a film thickness of 8 µm and therefore cannot chip or peel off.


Areas of application:

  • Painted and powder-coated rims
  • Matte coatings
  • High-gloss rims
  • Chrome rims



  • Long-term protection
  • Very high hydrophobic properties
  • Resistant to washing bays & stable gloss
  • Resistant to cleaning agents & environmental influences (pH 2 - 13)
  • UV resistant & environmentally-stable
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Unique gloss & colour depth
  • Resistant to temperatures of -50°C - +1,050°C
  • Simple to apply



  • Clean the surface with Surface Cleaner Ultima followed by Surface Cleaner Neutra to neutralize.
  • Put the application cloth onto the applicator.
  • Apply 12 - 18 drops of Ceramic Coat Rims -matt- onto the application cloth and spread it quickly on the surface (a visible film should form). Treat the surface in small sections (max. 50 x 50 cm).
  • Let the product dry for approx. 1 - 3 minutes! (The time depends on the applied quantity, air humidity and ambient temperature). The longer the product reacts on the surface, the thicker the coating and the greater the protective and hydrophobic effects.
  • Remove surplus material with a Special Coating Towel (peripheral areas first, then work from the outside in with straight quick motions).
  • Take another, fresh Special Coating Towel and polish the surface with slight pressure (peripheral areas first and then from the inside out with circular motions).
  • Should streaks still be visible, take another fresh Special Coating Towel and repeat the procedure until the streaks are invisible (check with a light).
  • Recoating with Ceramic Coat Rims - matt: possible after 20 minutes. Wait no longer than 35 minutes!
  • The product can be applied in a fine spray pattern, too. You will need clean, dry and oil-free compressed air for that! Contaminants in the compressed air can cause a pre-reaction of the product after which the treated surfaces become dull and rough.

Caution: Do not apply the product in direct sunlight!



One layer of Ceramic Coat Rims -matt- has a lifetime of approx. 30 - 36 months (manual washing). Each additional layer enhances the lifetime by a further 8 - 9 months. To achieve a longer protection time, you can apply the product in a fine spray pattern and leave to dry. In this way, you will obtain a dry film thickness of approx. 3 - 5 µm.

Caution: Regular cleaning in a car wash reduces the lifetime of the coating since the effects of heavily abrasive brushes slowly remove and scratch the product!


Application temperature: +15°C to +35°C

Consumption: 3 - 5 ml per m²

Weatherproof after: 18 - 24 h

Fully cured after: 9 - 10 days

pH resistance: pH 2 - 13

Storage temperature: +10°C to +25°C

Storage and shelf life: At least 12 months at ambient temperature in tightly sealed original container stored upright

Caution: Protect the product from direct sunlight and freezing temperatures!



Emulsions and coating products need a certain period of time to bind to the surface and fully cure after application. Therefore, please check the curing time of individual products. Only this can guarantee that the product provides the desired benefits. Direct exposure of the surface to water or cleaning agents after application can considerably reduce the product's properties.


General information about the product:

Factors such as preliminary cleaning, application temperature, curing time, etc., can influence the product's effectiveness and lifetime. Therefore, fluctuations of product properties cannot be excluded.


Container sizes:

Art. No.:       Container:
SF10182   50 ml
SF10182.1   100 ml
SF10182.2   1000 ml
    5000 ml (auf Anfrage)


Scope of delivery 50 ml and 100 ml Set: 1 x applicator, 2x application cloth, 1x booklet, 1x sticker

Scope of delivery 1,000 ml and 5,000 ml: no accessories included



Surface Cleaner Ultima, Surface Cleaner Neutra, Special Coating Towels, Premium Applicator Sponge, Rims & Dust Cleaner


Note after use:

Surfaces treated with sealers should principally always be cleaned as gently as possible to avoid damaging or even eliminating the product properties. Avoid using strong cleaning agents with high pH or a high content of solvents. We therefore recommend cleaning with a pH-neutral rim cleaner.


This product information should and can only be taken as non-binding advice. The manufacturer does not accept any liability whatsoever. Before use, make sure that the product is suitable for your particular application.


Application: Sealing
Field: Cars, Motorbikes, Caravans, Buses and Vans
Product Type: Surface Coatings
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