Face Shield & Hygiene Visor Basic

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Face Shield & Hygiene Visor Basic The Face Shield & Hygiene Visor Basic from servFaces... more
Product information "Face Shield & Hygiene Visor Basic"

Face Shield & Hygiene Visor Basic

The Face Shield & Hygiene Visor Basic from servFaces offers additional protection against droplet-borne infections. It protects the mouth, eyes and nasal mucous membranes from contact with contaminated hands or objects.

1. Pull the adhesive strip from the protective pad and affix the protective pad between the openings of the visor
2. Pass the rubber band through the openings
3. Put on the visor and adjust the Size individually with the help of the rubber band.

When removing the visor, be careful not to touch the inside with nonsterile hands. After contact with the outside of your helmet, always wash your hands thoroughly. We recommend cleaning all components with an alcohol-based cleaning solution (e.g., highly concentrated isopropyl alcohol). The Face Shield & Hygiene Visor Basic can be used several times. Care should be taken when using scouring pads and abrasive cleansers. These can scratch the smooth surface of the visor and impair its transparency. For thorough disinfection of helmet components, carefully follow guidelines issued by health authorities and use the methods they recommend. Avoid exposing the visor element to heat exceeding 50 degrees Celsius as it could become deformed.


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