Anti-Graffiti-PB (permanent) for non-mineral surfaces; durability: at least 30 attacks / cleaning cycles; application amount: depends on the absorption capacity of the base

Anti-Graffiti PB

  • servFaces GmbH
  • SF10226

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Product information "Anti-Graffiti PB"


Anti-Graffiti PB
(permanent coating for smooth surfaces, not suitable for mineral surfaces)

ServFaces Anti-Graffiti high performance coating is a transparent, ready-to-use coating solution that was developed to protect smooth, non-absorbent surfaces against graffiti, soiling and corrosion. Based on a hybrid-polymer technology, the product creates a permanent barrier that bonds chemically to the substrate and hardens with atmospheric moisture. The protected surface can be cleaned multiple times, approximately 30-50 cleaning cycles, without the need to reapply the product.


  • Permanent long lasting coating
  • Excellent graffiti protection
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Excellent substrate adhesion 
  • Resistant to environmental conditions
  • UV-radiation and chemical resistant
  • Cures at room temperature
  • Fluorine-free
  • Temperature resistant from -50°C to +890°C

Application Areas:
ServFaces Anti-Graffiti high performance coating is particularly suitable for smooth, non-absorbent surfaces, such as GRP surfaces, one or two component coatings (polyurethane or epoxy systems), polyester coatings, aluminium surfaces, metal surfaces and many more. Not suitable for polypropylene, polyethylene and PVC.

The application of this product is best suited for the exterior of local and long-distance trains as well as suburban and subways and public buildings.

General Application:
The product will be delivered in a ready-to-use condition. Depending on the substrate, the protective coating can be applied with a microfiber applicator, HVLP sprayer or varnishing rollers (microfiber flocking).

HVLP Spraying:
Procedure: HVLP compressed air gun: e.g. SATA Mini-jet HVLP
Working pressure: approx. 2-3 bar
Nozzles: 0.8 - 1.3 mm
The cleaning of the spray gun can be performed using n-butyl acetate.

The product application can only be carried out by a certified partner company of servFaces GmbH and prior to the application small test areas or samples must coated to check the compatibility of the product with the substrate.

Technical Data:

  • Appearance: colourless liquid; density of approx. 0.95g / cm3 
  • Solids Content: 30 - 68% 
  • Binder-base: hybrid polymer compounds 
  • Solvent-base: n-butyl acetate 
  • Flash Point: <23°C 
  • Shelf Life: 18 months from date of shipment at 20°C 
  • Container Sizes: 1000ml or 6 Litres

Substrate Condition:
The substrate to be coated must be clean, free from oil and grease and completely dry. Hard-to-reach areas such as cavities or gutters must be separately dried using absorbent cloths or compressed air. On contact with a moist substrate surface, the product reacts prematurely and cannot build up the permanent protective layer. The substrate temperature must be between +5°C to +35°C and the relative humidity should be 30% - 80%.

ServFaces Anti-Graffiti high performance coating must be applied at an ambient temperature of at least +5°C and a relative humidity of 30% - 80%. Direct sunlight is to be avoided. The coating must be applied in a dry environment, never in the rain. The coating is carried out using applicators for example, whereby defects can be reworked up to 10 minutes after application; after this period reworking of the surface is no longer possible. It is recommended not to exceed 5 - 17 ml / m2. During the application, only small quantities of product from the original container should be transferred to the application apparatus. Unused product must not be returned to the original container.

If contamination of the application apparatus is detected during the coating application, the application apparatus must be replaced in order to avoid contamination within the protective coating itself.

servFaces Anti-Graffiti high performance coating is dry to the touch after approximately 1.5 -2 hours.

The recommended curing conditions (up to "weather resistance") are:

  • Room temperature for 18-24 hours
  • 85°C for two hours 
  • 135°C to 180°C for 1 hour

Full performance is achieved with servFaces Anti-Graffiti high performance coating after curing for 6 - 8 days at room temperature. 

During this time avoid cleaning. On metal surfaces such as aluminium, steel and stainless steel, a curing temperature >80°C is recommended to achieve higher substrate adhesion.

Cleaning and graffiti removal:
The cleaning of coated surfaces should be carried out with cleaners in the pH range 3 - 12. The use of strong (mineral) acids or alkalis is to be avoided. Cleaning with servFaces Wash Concentrate or servFaces Reactive Cleaner is recommended. Graffiti can be removed with servFaces Graffiti-EX Gel.

Graffiti should be removed from the coated surfaces as soon as possible.


Application: Sealing, Antigraffiti
Field: Industry and Crafts, Household, Trains and Trams
Product Type: Surface Coatings
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