Permina Strong is a highly hydrophobic, easy-to-clean coating for concrete, natural stone, clinker masonry, terraces and ceramic tiles. Application amount depends on the absorption capacity of the base

Permina Strong

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Product information "Permina Strong"


Permina Hydro, Strong & Ultima

Permina Hydro, Strong and Ultima are highly hydrophobic easy-to-clean coatings for concrete, natural stone, clinker masonry, terraces and ceramic tiles. Provides protection for mineral surfaces from ingress of water and water-soluble contaminants.


  • Produces a very good water repellent barrier against water and oils on absorbent mineral building materials 
  • Protected surfaces stay cleaner longer and are easier to clean (examples cola, coffee and household oils will not stain) 
  • Dark traces of water from rain are minimized 
  • Posters or chewing gum do not easily adhere to the surface 
  • Highly reactive and alkaline resistant
  • Forms water vapour permeable, colourless impregnations 
  • Minimises and delays the growth of microorganisms on facades 
  • Reduces the substrate water absorption 
  • Does not form a sticky silicone resin film 
  • Also suitable for impregnation on hydrophobic substrates


  • Clear, colourless and frost-resistant liquid
  • Virtually free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Flashpoint: > 94°C
  • pH-Value: 6.5

Permina Hydro: 35% solids*
Permina Strong: 45% solids*
Permina Ultima: 58% solids*

*The higher the solids content, the higher the protective function.


  1. Adjacent surfaces such as metal, wood, glass, plastics, green areas and plants must be covered and protected prior to product application. Excess product can be removed on surfaces with servFaces Allround Cleaner or Surface Cleaner Neutra. 
  2. The surface to be treated must be clean, free of oil and grease and dry (cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner or superheated steam device is recommended).
  3. The ambient temperature and the temperature of the substrate should be between +5 to +40°C. 
  4. The product must be shaken well before use.
  5. The product must be applied by low-pressure spraying (airless device) or applied with a HVLP spray gun. The surface must look wet to ensure that enough product can penetrate the substrate. Work from the bottom to the top so that a pre-impregnation is prevented from flowing down product through the substrate. 
  6. In order to improve the hydrophobic effect on very rough and porous surfaces, a further protective layer can be applied after drying. Spray this on very thinly. Afterwards work-in any standing product droplets with a brush or paint roller until a closed film of liquid is formed.

Usage: dependent upon the absorption properties of the surface.
Application Temperature: +5°C to +40°C
Curing Time: 24 hours at +20°C
Storage and Shelf Life: at least 12 months at room temperature sealed in its original container.
Storage Temperature: +10°C to +25°C
Always protect the product from direct sunlight and frost.


Application: Sealing, Antigraffiti
Field: Industry and Crafts, Household
Product Type: Surface Coatings
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